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Rooftops Canada launches new five-year Women’s Spaces project in Africa 

Published March 16, 2022

Rooftops Canada launches new five-year Women’s Spaces project in Africa 

Rooftops Canada has announced it has secured federal funding for a multi-year project called Women’s Spaces.

In partnership with experienced and committed African organizations, Women’s Spaces will help thousands of women in Angola, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa secure equal rights to use and control land, housing and related resources.

This will allow women to better provide for their families and respond to challenges such as gender-based violence, COVID-19 and other health emergencies, climate change and political upheaval. It will also support women to be freer to use their homes and the spaces around them for income generating activities, including food production.

An African woman stands outside the door of abuildingWomen’s Spaces will enhance the ability of women’s groups and other local organizations to influence land, housing and livelihoods policies, and implement new transformative practices locally, nationally and regionally.

Rooftops Canada Executive Director Barry Pinsky says: “We are very pleased that Global Affairs Canada is our major funding partner for Women’s Spaces.  We thank CHF Canada for advocating in support of this new project. The continuing support of CHF Canada and its members will also be essential to meet our commitment to contribute over half a million dollars in cash and in-kind equivalents.”

Rooftops Canada is the international development program of co-operative and social housing organizations in Canada.

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