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Another member benefit:  Co-op Cost Cutters

Published February 04, 2020

Co-op Cost Cutters is a group buying program for co-ops.  It has been around for over 20 years as a member service of Ontario federations and as a  CHF Canada member service in other regions.

The program started with five services and has grown to 20.  It is available in Ontario, in seven other provinces and the territories.

The program is managed and overseen by Miriam Wohl of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto.  She is the central co-ordinator of Cost Cutters but works in collaboration with other federations.

Two new national services were recently added to the program:

  • MultiLogic offers LED lighting retrofits. This service saves money on electricity, especially on interior and exterior lights that are on 24/7.
  • Water Matrix does three-litre toilet retrofits. These toilets can save 50% or more on annual water costs. (In areas served by CHFT and Peel-Halton Co-op Housing Federation, Building Up is featured for this work.  Water Matrix is now available to serve all other regions.  Both companies install the same toilet at the same price.)

Both these services were chosen for the program because they save money on utilities and have a quick repayment period.

Co-op Cost Cutters is designed to save co-ops time and money.  Miriam does all the research, checks references and vet companies so co-ops can safely use them.  If a problem arises, she works with co-ops, federations and suppliers to resolve any issues.  You can count on Miriam for support.

Co-op Cost Cutters is a great example of Co-operation Among Co-operatives, International Co-op Principle Six in action!  When co-ops use the program, they strengthen co-op buying power.

For more information, visit the Co-op Cost Cutters website or contact Miriam at miriam@coophousing.com.

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