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Include Co-op campaign: get involved

Published July 25, 2019

IncludeCoop​​​​​​​This month, we’re excited to launch our Include Co-op campaign. We want more Canadians to know about co-op housing, and we want all political parties to ensure the protection and expansion of the co-op housing sector. With your support, we can make a big impact across Canada.
Here’s how you can support the campaign:

  • Talk about co-op housing with your friends, family and on social media (using “#includecoop” and using the campaign toolkit)
  • Update your Facebook profile picture with the Include Co-op Frame
  • Post the Include Co-op poster in common areas of your co-op
  • Invite local candidates to tour your co-op or attend your co-op’s summer event
  • Attend a local election event or all-candidates meeting. Ask how they will support and develop co-op housing.
  • Share your story. If you have a compelling case for how co-op housing is a great option, contact us so we can profile you or your co-op as part of the campaign.

As a start to getting this campaign rolling, our first goal is to see more than 2,217 uses of the #includecoop campaign hashtag on social media.  (That’s the number of housing co-ops across Canada.)  Please help us make this happen!

For more info, contact Courtney Lockhart, Program Manager of Policy and Government Relations, at clockhart@chfcanada.coop, or 613-230-2201 ext. 231.

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