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Webinar recordings available

Published November 13, 2017

Webinar recordings available

Members told us they find webinars a convenient way to receive updates and information throughout the year. We offered two in November. Their recordings are now available:

  1. Recording: Refinancing Webinar (50 minutes)  Calling all Section 95 co-ops! Have you burned your mortgage? Or looking forward to burning it? Learn about the Refinancing Program that was created for co-ops across Canada (outside BC and Quebec). Refinancing can help your co-op repair and renovate while also planning for a sound future. Recorded November 8, 2017. Share with your Board.
  2. Recording: Commercial Insurance Webinar for BC co-ops (33 minutes) CHF Canada and The Co-operators discussed the program specifically for B.C. co-ops. Topics include recent claims experience, loss prevention and using risk management to reduce claims, save money and keep our co-ops safer! Share with your Board. 

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