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Meet CHF Canada’s new Board members

Published June 20

Meet CHF Canada’s new Board members

Elected during the national business meeting to CHF Canada’s Board as an at-large director was David Waters, Faethorne Place Co-op, Sarnia, ON.

James Clow, Westridge Estates Co-op, Charlottetown, PE was elected to the Finance and Audit Committee.

Elected or acclaimed as directors during online elections held prior to the Annual Meeting were:

  • Tina Stevens (Aboriginal Community)
  • Stephen Davies (New Brunswick)
  • Louis-H. Campagna (Quebec/Nunavut)
  • Frank Wheeler (Manitoba)
  • Lisa Berting (BC/Yukon)

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors (pictured above), Frank Wheeler was appointed president, Barb Millsap vice president, and Lisa Berting treasurer.

Sharon Carolan-McKinnon had been acclaimed in online elections held prior to the AGM.

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