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Meet some members and managers coming to the Annual Meeting in Winnipeg

Published May 09, 2024

Co-op members and managers excited to be part of Winnipeg Annual Meeting

Excitement is growing for the 2024 CHF Canada Annual Meeting in Winnipeg. There’s still time to register and attend this year’s event themed Building Communities Together.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time. Former Annual Meeting participants know why the buzz is beginning early. From choosing workshops to planning social events, everyone is looking forward to connecting with old friends, meeting new ones, or making one special connection that, in the words of Kelly Towle, “might just be your comfort spot someday.”

Kelly, an early childhood educator, is a Board member of Village Canadien Housing Co-operative in Winnipeg. She attended her first Annual Meeting last year in Ottawa. “I loved it! I loved to listen to other co-op members talking about similar situations. Sometimes you have to go outside of your own circle to bring insight to something.”

Kelly suggests anyone going to the Annual Meeting sign up for at least one workshop, go to the exhibits and mingle. “Five minutes in, someone said something that reverberated with me, and it was all good.” Kelly would encourage people to check out The Forks, and the bus tour if it’s not sold out yet.

Steven Gilmore also calls Village Canadien home. Operations Manager at the co-op, he has attended several annual meetings and always finds something to bring back. “From communication strategies to managing difficult situations, there’s always something practical that you can add to your skill set.

“I’ve never gone to an Annual Meeting, come back and said to myself it was a waste of time. No regrets.” Steven also recommends The Forks as a great spot to go for a drink and enjoy the riverbank.

Always one of the first to register for an Annual Meeting is Robin Argue, Manager at Huronia Native Housing Co-operative in Midland, Ontario. “I register right away! There’s always great information, opportunities to learn, network, and find out how other managers are dealing with things. Even if you learn one thing that’s helpful, you can make a difference for people in your co-op.” Robin has never been to Winnipeg, and is looking forward to seeing a new Canadian city.

Jacquie Graham manages Metta Housing Co-operative Inc. in downtown Toronto. She’s planning to participate in the Institute of Housing Management seminars. “I always find those workshops to be interesting, informative, and beneficial to the work I am doing. I always learn something new and useful.” Attending CHF Canada’s Annual Meeting helps Jacquie to feel part of a larger community of co-op managers. She’s never visited Winnipeg, and is looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

Eileen Skidmore and Rebecca Skean are heading to the Annual Meeting for the first time. Eileen, a legal assistant, serves on the Board at Village Canadien. She’s excited that the event is in her home town. “We get the chance to showcase our city and what it has to offer. Winnipeg is a diverse, friendly city.” She recommends people tour The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and visit The Forks. Eileen hopes to make connections. “I want to find out how others operate and hear their views. It sounds like there’s going to be a lot of education and knowledge to bring back and help our own communities.”

Rebecca, a children’s communications disorder assistant, is Board Secretary at Castlegreen Housing Co-operative in Thunder Bay, Ontario. One of two people attending from Castlegreen, she hopes that they can go to different workshops, meet different people, and compare notes.

“We can share what we’ve learned and bring it back to the co-op,” says Rebecca. “I’m really looking forward to the Better Co-op Conversations workshop. If we can guide conversations to be more positive, maybe we can have better outcomes.” Rebecca is eagerly anticipating dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.

Whether you’re a veteran, or a curious newbie, register now and start planning to make sure you get the most out of your Annual Meeting experience.



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