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New co-operation among co-ops logo – shows that sector organizations are working together

Published June 07, 2023

Co-op housing sector organizations have always had close working relationships.

Over the past several years, these ties have grown even stronger as co-op housing federations from across the country have been collaborating towards the Co-op Housing for All shared vision.

The latest collaborative venture is a National Education Committee that is steering a project funded by the Community Housing Transformation Centre: Co-operative Housing Sector Education Transformation (CHSET).  The purpose is to bring together our education community to share our work, make us stronger, and provide better, more relevant and accessible education initiatives across the country.

Collaborators include:

CHASEO               Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario

CHF BC                  Co-operative Housing Federation of BC

CHF Canada        Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

CHFT                      Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto

COCHF                  Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation

GHCHF                  Golden Horseshoe Co-operative Housing Federation

NACHA                 Northern Alberta Cooperative Housing Association

PHCHF                  Peel-Halton Co-operative Housing Federation

SACHA                  Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association

We can already celebrate some collaborative work: the Community Re-building Webinar and poster in Summer, 2022, and the National Educators Conference in Fall, 2022.

This new logo will identify resources and initiatives that result from our collaborative work. Look for the logo in the coming months as we develop more shared resources and initiatives.

New initative

The National Education Committee released a Request for Proposals for a project on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). This work has emerged as a priority. The goal is to support the co-op housing sector in implementing best EDI practices in co-op communities.

Learn more details in the RFP. Deadline for submissions is 5:00 p.m. EST, on Friday June 30, 2023. All proposals must be submitted by email to education@chfcanada.coop

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