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Congratulations to member co-ops that completed this year’s Risk Management program

Published October 20, 2023

Get a head start on qualifying for next year’s discount!

Last year we started an enhanced Risk Management Program for members in our commercial insurance program. The Focus of our new program, built in partnership with Co-operators Insurance, is to provide education to co-op boards on the importance and value of inspecting their co-ops for risks, and of having their own annual risk management program.

We reached out to members to ask what would fit their needs and built that feedback into the new program, working closely with key staff at Co-operators Insurance to develop content that would educate members, help minimize risks, and co-op communities and members be safer.

Co-ops that participated in our new program received a 5% discount on their insurance rate for their 2024 insurance renewal. 128 co-ops fulfilled all the program requirements, completing the Risk Management Program by the end of September, and received their discount.

Our new risk management program is more flexible than before. It allows for members to take part and receive a discount in future years, so although the deadline to get a discount on next year’s insurance has already passed, co-ops can still participate. Members that couldn’t complete the requirements by the end of September should keep working on them – once you complete them, you can still get a discount on your 2025 insurance renewal.

It’s great to see that co-ops are choosing to join and participate in the program. The goal is to double participation in the coming year. Thank you to everyone that helped to support our efforts to reduce the cost of claims and to keep our co-op communities safe.  This not only helps create safer homes, it also helps keep the insurance program strong and affordable.

Stay tuned for Phase Three of our new Risk Management Program, coming soon!

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