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Photo Gallery: Co-operation during COVID-19

Published December 14, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of new challenges to all of our lives. And for many people who were already vulnerable, it made life even more difficult. Fortunately, co-op members and staff across Canada have stepped up to help their neighbours.

This gallery shows some of the creative things that co-ops have done this year to stay connected and help those in need!

Many people are having a harder time getting enough to eat during COVID-19. Some co-ops, like Bread and Roses, in Kitchener ON, have helped out by setting up food pantries.A bookcase filled with food items

Many co-ops stepped up their cleaning work to sanitize surfaces in their buildings that members touch often. Read more about ways that co-op staff have been adapting to COVID-19.

Two people clean outdoor handrails

And some co-op staff got creative while they cleaned: meet the Covid Kid, co-op housing’s newest superhero! Kent Price, maintenance manager of Main-Gerrard Co-op and president of the CoAction Staff Association, donned this bandana for protection while he worked, and the rest of the look just came together from there.

Wearing a cowboy hat and a red bandana over his mouth, a long-haired man poses with cleaning supplies drawn like a gun

A banner at Granville Gardens Housing Co-op in Vancouver thanks healthcare workers. In the photo are Sally Pathak, a retired nurse who came up with the idea, co-op president Isabel Evans, and co-op Treasurer Anne Davidson.

Three people stand beside a banner on a fence thanking "health care heroes"

Spotted at Perth Ave. Co-op in Toronto, a member posted a sign in their window to remind everyone to “Do your part: Stay apart 6ft./2m.”

A window sign in an apartment building

Fieldstone Co-op in Toronto hosted community singalongs from their balconies and gardens to maintain a sense of community and keep spirits high while practicing social distancing. Photos by Zoë Gemelli Photography. See more photos and read the full story here.Three people pose on a balcony, shot from below

The Women’s Circle at Sarcee Meadows Housing Co-op in Calgary is always looking for ways to help their community. During COVID-19, the Women’s Circle and other members of the co-op delivered fresh food to seniors in need. Read more about the Women’s Circle.An array of fresh produce and containers of prepared food

Three cheers for the generous members at Tamarack Co-op in Sudbury! The co-op held a food drive for the Sudbury Food Bank and the Elgin Street Mission, and collected a huge amount of food for vulnerable people in their community, who are in an even more difficult situation during COVID-19. The drive was spearheaded by co-op Vice President, Carol Fortier. The photo shows co-op Board members, Susan Sigurdson (L) and Diane Frenette (R) with the tables of food prior to delivery.

Several folding tables are piled with donated food and household items

Village Green Co-operative Homes in Brampton, ON, brightened their members’ day by delivering a chocolate treat to each of their 116 homes.

Easter chocolates with a note reading "Just so you know we're thinking of you"

Members at Aurora Village Housing Co-op in Aurora, ON, played music, lit sparklers, and put hearts in their windows to thank front-line workers and remember those who have been lost.

Handwritten sign, with hearts: "Thank you to all the frontline workers, who are working their hardest to protect us from COVID-19! We are all trying our best to follow your instructions for us to isolate and practice social distancing"

Pacific Heights Co-op in Vancouver has converted their Little Free Library into a Little Free Food Pantry to help their neighbours. Photo from Jen St. Denis.

A wooden cabinet with glass doors, and a view down a sidewalk and brick wall. A sign on the cabinet lets people know they can take what they need.

At Co-op Voisins in Ottawa, ON, members showed their gratitude for healthcare workers, and had fun practicing socially distant Zumba in the yard.

On a lush green lawn with trees, people laugh as they practice Zumba a safe distance apart.A wooden sign for Co-op Voisins, with a paper sign attached reading "Thank you healthcare workers!"










The “Good Samaritan Fund” at Village Green Co-op in Brampton, ON, has helped the co-op do things like put together Christmas hampers for members in need. They’re now setting up a Community Closet with donations from members and community businesses to help members with things like food, toiletries, and clothes. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, they found that members have been giving even more generously to help their neighbours.

Big boxes of household items, festively wrapped, sit on a coffee table

What has your co-op done to stay connected or help vulnerable neighbours during COVID-19? Please send any photos or stories you’d like to share to info@chfcanada.coop.

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