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CHF Canada’s response to Ontario Budget 2019

Published April 12, 2019

Media Release

CHF Canada was pleased to see the first budget of the new provincial government confirm Ontario’s support for the National Housing Strategy and announce a new Community Housing Renewal Strategy that is tasked with stabilizing and growing Ontario’s community housing sector.

We are also pleased that the Community Housing Renewal Strategy will: help protect and expand affordable housing, by offering incentives to community housing providers; and reduce administration burdens by simplifying the rent-geared-to-income calculations.  We look forward to learning the details in the coming weeks.

The government has an opportunity to build on this plan by looking at several low-cost suggestions to enhance the production of affordable housing. These include making government lands available for long-term affordable housing, protecting provincial co-ops and non-profits by fixing the funding formula and partnering with the co-op housing sector.

“To solve the current housing crisis, the government must work effectively with both the private sector and community housing providers. Affordable housing options like co-ops and non-profits create mixed- income communities where all Ontarians can afford a place to call home. We are pleased to see that the government’s upcoming Housing Supply Action Plan and particularly the Community Housing Renewal Strategy should protect and expand community and affordable housing in Ontario,” said Simone Swail, Government Relations Manager for CHF Canada. “We are looking forward to working with the government on the development of the strategy.”

CHF Canada represents and serves over 500 housing co-ops in Ontario. More than 125,000 Ontarians call a non-profit housing co-op home, in every region of the province. Co-op housing has a solid track record of over five decades of building and providing safe, secure, affordable housing is strong communities.

For more information:

  • Simone Swail, Manager, Government Relations, CHF Canada Tel: 416.366.1711 ext. 223 | sswail@chfcanada.coop
  • Scott Parry Co-ordinator, Government Relations, CHF Canada Tel: 416.366.1711 ext. 801 | sparry@chfcanda.coop


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