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New Co-op Housing Management Accreditation Program

Published January 18, 2024

CHF Canada and the Institute of Housing Management (IHM) have partnered to offer the first ever national and dedicated professional Co-op Housing Management Accreditation.

“This accreditation is a long time coming and we have the right partners to make it happen,” says Patricia Tessier, CHF Canada Director, Member Services. “We are confident that Canada’s housing co-ops will benefit from this program dedicated to the unique needs and knowledge of managing housing co-ops.”

The core courses will cover essential education on property and building administration, building maintenance, strategic and financial planning, and human relations.

The accreditation program will be launched in the spring with the first courses offered at CHF Canada’s Annual Meeting in Winnipeg in June, 2024.

Eligible for Management Scholarships

We are doubling the number of scholarships we give out this year. Half of them are reserved for the new Co-op Housing Management Accreditation program. Stay tuned for further details.

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