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Thank you for speaking up for Ontario co-ops!

Published March 16, 2022

Over two months, CHF Canada made four submissions to the government of Ontario.

In December, when the government announced three consultations that impact co-ops, we asked you to reply to all of them on behalf of co-ops, and you did!

“In Ontario, we have a strong history of the co-op housing movement rallying together when issues arise,” said Simone Swail, CHF Canada’s Manager of Government Relations. “The government notices when CHF Canada’s submissions are supported by co-ops, members, staff and supporters. Thanks to each and every one of you who replied to the government consultations.”

CHF Canada submissions

Consultation 1: Housing Affordability Task Force
CHF Canada recommended that Ontario protect and increase available community housing, and ensure all levels of government support the development of new affordable housing supply.

Simone Swail and Keith Moyer answer questions on the consultation webinar

Consultation 2: Proposed changes to the Co-operative Corporations Act
CHF Canada supported changes to the Act that allow for electronic meetings and voting, and proposed minor changes to protect the democratic member control of co-ops.

Consultation 3: Service Agreements and other regulations under the HSA
CHF Canada made 10 recommendations to protect and strengthen HSA co-ops as they come to the end of mortgage.

The third consultation has the potential to find a solution to our Fix the Formula campaign. Without a solution, more than 21,000 co-op homes are at risk in Ontario when their co-op’s mortgage ends. Finding a solution is the primary focus of our advocacy work. We knew we needed to mobilize our supporters.

And you responded. You downloaded our consultation guide, you spread the word. More than 100 attended our webinar and you made submissions. Thank you!

A streetcar passes in front of the Main-Gerrard Housing Co-op.Submission 4: Pre-Budget Submission 2022
In our annual pre-budget submission, CHF Canada recommended that Ontario fix the funding formula, and increase the supply of community housing, including co-ops.

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