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Core Housing Need data released

Published November 16, 2017

Core Housing Need data released

CMHC and Statistics Canada released the latest data on Core Housing Need. Not surprisingly, Ontario leads the provinces. Ontario has the highest percentage of households in Core Housing Need; Ontario’s percentage increased since 2006, while it remained steady in the majority of provinces. (Territories are close to or higher than Ontario, but have remained steady or decreased since 2006.)

The data underscores the message we continue to bring to Queen’s Park and Parliament Hill: protect existing affordable housing, and build more, including housing co-ops. CHF Canada is looking forward to working with all levels of government as the National Housing Strategy is released.

Other key Ontario facts re Core Housing Need:

  • #1: Toronto leads the top ten municipalities with the highest percentage of households;
  • 8/10: Eight of those top ten are cities in Ontario;
  • 1/7: One in seven Ontario households are in core housing need;
  • 1/5: One in five Toronto households are, and
  • 1/3: One in three Toronto rental households are.

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