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Staffing news: Amina Dibe and Emily Rude

Published August 17, 2023

We’re pleased to welcome Amina Dibe to CHF Canada’s dedicated staff team as Senior Manager, Government Relations.  And we congratulate Emily Rude on her promotion to the position of Manager, Asset and Financial Planning Services.

Amina Dibe – Senior Manager, Government Relations

Having previously worked on the market side of the housing sector, Amina is delighted to be continuing her career in housing and shifting gears to the affordable side of the sector.

“I’m thrilled to be contributing to the growing movement for more co-op housing as an affordable and attainable solution to the housing crisis,” says Amina.

Amina is also involved in her local Toronto community of Regent Park, supporting community benefits. As a public affairs professional, she is the membership chair of the Ontario chapter of the Public Affairs Association of Canada and has been involved in efforts to get more young people, women and racialized people into careers in public affairs.

As a dual Canadian-American citizen, and having completed her Masters in Washington DC, Amina is geeked by both Canadian and American politics and is proud to be a voter in both countries.


Emily Rude –  Manager, Asset and Financial Planning Services

Emily Rude is replacing Linda Stephenson as Manager of Asset and Financial Planning Services. Emily began working with co-ops at CHF BC in 2014. With a background in design and a love of Excel, she developed capital plans and helped co-ops secure financing. Since then, she has consulted for various housing organizations including CHF Canada before joining as a Program Manager for the Asset Management Program in 2022.

“I firmly believe that long-term planning and access to funding are the keys to co-ops’ ongoing viability. I look forward to working with this amazing team to help co-ops thrive.”

In her spare time, Emily loves to explore Vancouver with her dog, Gadget. On relaxed days she throws pottery and on more stressful days she unwinds with boxing classes.


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