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New: GreenOn funding for small apartment buildings

Published February 27, 2018

New: GreenOn funding for small apartment buildings

Hurry: Apply for new GreenOn funding for small apartment buildings! Funding opportunity for HSA co-ops

A new Ontario retrofit program has been launched for small apartment buildings. But the government wants to move fast, so you need to apply quickly.

If your HSA co-op has an apartment building of less than 100 units, you could be eligible for:

  • New exterior doors and windows
  • New heating/cooling systems
  • Upgrades on insulation, cladding and building envelope
  • Lighting system upgrades
  • Solar walls and more

How do we apply?

  1. Check your Building Condition Assessment (BCA) and identify projects that are eligible for this funding.
  2. Contact your Service Manager; let them know now what you would like to apply for
  3. Once your Service Manager is allocated funding, they’ll accept formal applications. Co-ops must apply directly to their Service Manager.

Service Managers must submit their funding requests by the end of March, so don’t wait for next month’s co-op meeting to act! 

GreenOn Social Housing Program

Announcement of new GreenOn funding

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