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Changes to Ontario’s Co-operative Corporations Act

Published December 05, 2019

Over the last year the Ontario Co-operative Association (OCA) has been advocating for changes to the Co-operative Corporations Act (CCA).  Although these changes don’t apply to housing co-ops, CHF Canada has been  supportive of these efforts that would strengthen the larger co-operative sector.

As part of the Fall Economic Statement, the Ontario government introduced some proposed changes to the CCA, which if passed, will allow the possibility, provided the co-ops bylaws authorize it, to conduct 50% or more of its business with non-members.

In addition the legislation made updates to the audit rules. It’s important to note that none of these changes impact housing co-ops. To ensure transparency housing co-ops will continue to be required to provide audited statements.

CHF Canada welcomes the Ontario government’s commitments to modernize the Co-operative Corporation Act (OCA). CHF Canada looks forward to working with the province to help promote the co-op sector.

If you have any questions on the proposed changes to the CCA please contact CHF Canada’s Manager, Government Relations Scott Parry at  sparry@chfcanada.coop or call 1 800 268 2537 x801.

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