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Observing the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: 2023

Published September 28, 2023

September 30, 2023 is Orange Shirt Day and the third National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

Reconciliation with Indigenous peoples is something that CHF Canada continues to work towards.  In 2018, CHF Canada members passed a resolution calling on both CHF Canada and its member co-ops to work towards reconciliation.

This year, CHF Canada Board Directors and Staff participated in a group workshop on Reconciliation.

CHF Canada’s Reconciliation Toolkit provides information and tips on our Reconciliation journey.

Here are some messages from CHF Canada staff:

  • “I paddle on the Ottawa river near Petawawa on the unceded, Unsurrendered Territory of the Anishinaabe Algonquin Nation, whose presence and stewardship of the Kitchisippi and its tributaries, dates back to time immemorial and will continue in perpetuity. We honour their long history of welcoming many Nations to this territory and we acknowledge our shared responsibilities to ensure health and wellbeing for all creation for generations to come.  As the sun rises during my paddles on these majestic waterways, where Indigenous Peoples paddled first, I reflect on the oppressive history and current experience of colonization.”  – Michelle Chapin
  • “In my photo, I am proud to present to you my granddaughter Léane, proud member of the Wendat nation and great-grandchild of a survivor of Indigenous schools.”  –  René Daoust
  • “I will be starting the book ‘From the Ashes’, a memoir by Jesse Thistle, a Métis-Cree man from Saskatchewan who finds his way back into his Indigenous community after hardship.”  –  Amina Dibe
  • “I recently watched the music documentary called “Rumble” on Netflix that talks about people of Indigenous ancestry who contributed in seminal but very largely unrecognized ways to North American music such as blues, jazz and rock. I plan to look more into this part of music history.”  –  Scott Jackson
  • “Here is a photo of my two little ones and I at the Reconciliation walk in Saskatoon 2022.  The kids are very proud to attend the Metis Cultural Program at their school, where the Mechif language and traditional teaching is infused into all curricular activities. The school offers experiential learning opportunities and engagement to the whole community in which my family had been able to learn from a Mechif Traditional Knowledge Keeper and a dedicated Metis Culture teacher. We’ve attended round dances, traditional smudge ceremonies, and even learned how to make a ribbon skirt. Learning about and passing on Metis culture, language and art is one of the ways we commit to reconciliation.” – Maria Vaiaso
  • “I’m standing in solidarity with Indigenous people of Turtle Island, by learning about current injustices being fought against by land defenders (e.g. Grassy Narrows and other First Nations marching on Sept 27 to end unwanted mining activity on their land).  The mural in my photo is by Que Rock Commanda.”  –  Diana Yoon

Our offices will be closed on Monday October 2nd in lieu of the Saturday.

If you have stories or photos of how your co-op is observing this important date, please send them to info@chfcanada.coop or tag CHF Canada on social media – @CHFCanada

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