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Participate in CHF Canada’s Risk Management Program and get a discount on your insurance renewal!

Published June 30, 2023

CHF Canada worked closely with our partners at Co-operators to develop a program that educates our members and reduces the impact of insurance claims on members and on their homes.

(Watch our video that explains how easy it is to participate and how it benefits your co-op)

Risk management is important, and our goal is to have as many co-ops as possible participate in our new Risk Management Program. Our program will help your co-op develop good risk management practices and encourage you to identify and fix preventable risks that can cause damage to your property or injury to you or your neighbours. Preventing risks will also help lower insurance premiums for your co-op, and all of the co-ops in our commercial insurance program.

The new program is designed to provide you with the information and tools you need to develop an annual risk management program for your housing co-op that is less time-consuming and involves everyone in the process. Our program builds slowly over a three-year period, so that members, boards of directors, and staff have the time you need to build risk management into your co-op’s daily routines.

There are three Phases in the new program – we are currently in Phase Two.  Co-ops that complete the required risk management activities for Phase One and Phase Two by September 30th will receive a discount on their insurance rate when their policy renews in January.

Help your community to stay safe and help your co-op save money on their insurance premiums.

Visit our Risk Management page to learn more.

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