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Introducing two new CHF Canada staff: Leona Ferguson and Susana Cadavid

Published January 18, 2024

We’re pleased to welcome two new CHF Canada Program Managers to our Asset Management Services program, Leona Ferguson and Susana Cadavid.

Leona Ferguson – Program Manager, Asset Management Services

It was through volunteer work at her own co-op that Leona’s interest in asset management surfaced. After being hired to manage a multi-million dollar project at the co-op, her skills came to the attention of an engineering firm where she found employment, and gained project administration management experience.

She’s now delighted to bring her expertise to CHF Canada.

“There’s a wealth of knowledge in the organization,” says Leona. “I’m looking forward to working with people who have a passion for co-op housing and who share the common goal of keeping co-ops viable and sustainable.”

Originally from a health and justice background, Leona has degrees in Psychology and Criminology from Simon Fraser University.

Leona socializes through her love of cooking. Spending time with friends and family, caring for loved ones, and feeding people bring her satisfaction.  She also enjoys getting out of doors, hiking, and connecting to the land.

Susana Cadavid – Program Manager, Asset Management Services

Susana brings a wide range of experience in both the private and public sector to her new position with CHF Canada. A Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Studies drew her focus to housing, where her research helped her to identify community housing needs and contribute to policy making decisions.

“I’ve always been interested in housing,” she said. “The existing housing crisis has shown the importance of affordable housing, and I’m excited to join CHF Canada and contribute to the growth and development of the co-op housing sector.”

Working in the non-profit sector appeals to Susana. She sees long-term planning as essential if co-ops are going to continue to serve members across the country.

Although her new job is keeping her busy, Susana enjoys travelling, as well as spending time outdoors hiking and exploring.

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