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A career dedicated to housing co-ops: Keith Moyer

Published July 20, 2022

A career dedicated to housing co-ops: Keith Moyer

Keith leading a workshop at the 2016 annual meeting

During the 2022 Annual Meeting in Halifax, delegates, co-op staff and CHF Canada colleagues recognized Keith Moyer on his retirement.

More than 30 years ago, Keith started his career in co-op housing as the manager of Cambridge New Hope Housing Co-op. Now he is retiring as CHF Canada’s Ontario Regional Manager.

The co-op housing movement attracts people who become lifelong advocates for co-ops. Keith is a great example of this.

In his communications work for CHF Canada, we estimate that, with more than 45 publications and numerous speeches, Keith has contributed a quarter of a million words to the public discussion on housing co-ops.

Keith excelled at facilitating easy-to-understand workshops and webinars on complex topics like end-of-mortgage or eviction law reform. But the bulk of his work was assisting and advocating for co-ops. He also helped co-ops that needed assistance. His contact with them would continue long after their issues had been resolved.

Everyone he worked with in the sector know him as an approachable collaborator and mentor. We shall miss him, but bits of Keith are permanently woven into the fabric of our Ontario co-op housing sector. We all wish him the best of adventures in his new life!

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